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And this number is increasing. If you are serious about your trade, you should be online too. At the least, you should have a page, that tells your customer how to get a hold of you. People, also your customers, spend more and more time online, especially using their mobile phones, so of course you need to remind them that you are there.

Why Do My Traditional Business Need A Website?

A webpage, a newsletter perhaps, and definitely an email to your customer once in a while builds a lot of trust between you and your customer. And you can then quickly announce a sale, a monthly special or maybe a holiday season offer to your most valued customers. And at a low cost once you have the ‘being online habit’ under your skin.

Online Tech Stuff And Marketing Is Not Really My Core Competence

No, and it shouldn’t be. We all need to make a living, and that is best made off the things we are good at. Let someone else do the website and the marketing. You will be surprised how much you can get done for, well, yes – pennies. Online of course! Simply outsource the tasks you are not good at – you even set the price yourself! Of course, you get what you pay for. But I believe you’ll be surprised how little you need to invest.


Email Marketing – Is That Still A Thing?

Well, since I wrote this headline – of course it is. It is still the most powerful communication to your customers. Your customers come to you, because you have something they want. And if you send them an email telling them about your product or service – they will read it. Especially, if you give them something once in a while. I think, you’ll find, that if you give a little it will come back to you many fold. So, ask your customers for their email address and give them a free product, 10% off next buy or something along those lines, and soon you will have an email list that is a valuable asset.

Did you know 80% of retail professionals say email marketing is their most significant customer retention driver?

As I stated above – email is really powerful. But you need more than your gmail account to accomplish effective email marketing. There are many email marketing tools out there – I haven’t tried them all, but I will go ahead and recommend Aweber. Not only is it a great tool, but the support they offer is second to none, and they also have a huge library of learning material that will learn you exactly how to get email marketing effective for you.

I hope for your success – also online. You are always welcome to reach out.